IF YOU're INterested in Creating a Well-Being Hub:



Consult with the team


Develop specific plans for the space


Submit a proposal


Set up and monitor the space




Located on East Campus, the University Health Center’s well-being hub is designed for top-notch relaxation, privacy, and comfort. It welcomes UGA staff, faculty, and students to have a seat in their ultra-soft massage chair, practice soft movement yoga, and invites them to find their inner artist with easy and relieving mindful patterns coloring books and pages. The room is available on the third floor in Room 3210 and on a first come, first serve basis.


The Disability Resource Center’s well-being hub is located within Clark Howell Hall in the center of campus. Serving as a makerspace and gathering place for UGA students, staff, and faculty, the space invites all visitors to share art supplies, skills, and ideas to promote well-being. The room is fully adaptable, adhering to universal design principles, and can also be utilized as a conference room, among other unique configurations. Please contact Erin Benson at for booking.


Milledge Hall’s well-being hub is intended to primarily serve as a peaceful retreat for undergraduate Peer Educators in the Division of Academic Enhancement, offering a place to unwind between classes and working with peers. It warmly welcomes all UGA students who may need a peaceful spot to meditate, pray, or simply recharge their batteries. Feel free to come and enjoy this serene environment, designed to promote your well-being and help you navigate the challenges of academic life. Please contact Sarah Kay Jeffery at for booking.


The Owens Resource Center, Room 121, in the Jackson Street Building is a hub for technology, library research, and well-being support at the College of Environment and Design. It welcomes all members of the university community to enjoy comfortable seating, crafting supplies, and a cozy atmosphere with plants and scenic views. Its privacy nook is available on a first-come, first-served basis and can be reserved on their booking calendar.  

University Testing Services

The well-being hub in University Testing Services provides a space for calm before, during, or after an exam. With a massage chair, snacks, puzzles, and gentle movement equipment, the space is open to all UGA community members and testers from the broader community. First come, first serve.

Sanford Stadium

Sanford Stadium’s Sensory Room is located behind section 127 on the south side of the stadium, and is open only when the stadium is open for events. It welcomes all UGA staff, faculty, students, and visitors to take a break from the excitement of a football game and recharge in their yogibo bean bag chairs or engage in its many activity panels or sensory tools. The room also offers a bubble wall that supports visual tracking, auditory awareness, relaxation, and social interaction with its audience. The room is monitored by an attendant during games with a check-in process and is available first come, first serve.

College of Pharmacy

The College of Pharmacy offers 4 different spaces to recharge on campus. Some key features include:

  • Nap Pods: Need a break? Take a quick nap in one of the new nap pods (pictured below) in the Pharmacy South 2nd floor student lounge or the Kroger Learning Center. Attached are instructions for the nap pod as well as the usage policy. Please read both before operating. 
  • Massage Chairs: Sit back and relax while you enjoy a brief massage in one of our two massage chairs. A brief massage can be a great way for you to reduce stresses of campus life and improve your mood. Massage chairs are available during building operating hours on a first-come basis. No appointment is necessary. Massage chairs are located in Pharmacy South’s Kroger Learning Center and Wilson Pharmacy 418.
  • TV with Streaming: TVs with streaming capabilities will be available soon.

Other features include yoga mats, coloring books, information about UGA Well-Being Resources, College of Pharmacy and UGA, and more for students to use. All spaces are first come, first serve.